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Meet Your Instructors

  • Joe Marceau

    Professor Joe Marceau

    Professor Joe started his martial arts training in 1984 studying Okinawan Uechi Ryu Karate. He currently holds the rank of Yondan (4th degree black belt) under Buzz Durkin's Butokukai. In addition to Uechi Ryu, Professor Joe has also studied the arts of Catch Wrestling and Kenpo Karate. During his twenty-three-and-a-half year career in law enforcement he headed the self-defense and physical fitness programs at the New Hampshire Police Academy. After retiring in 2013 he began training and teaching martial arts full-time. Professor Joe started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2007 at NH Lakes Region Vale Tudo and under Professor Matt Gomez with the BJJ Revolution Team. After relocating to Florida, he started training under De La Riva Professor Iury D.S. Debs and Master Petrus (Master Buffalo) Melo. He is the head instructor at De La Riva BJJ Tampa Bay located in Brooksville FL and currently a De La Riva BJJ black belt under Professor Iury D.S. Debs. Certifications: IBJJF Black Belt Cert. #146711 Adult/Infant CPR First Aid-American Red Cross Safesport certified IBJJF Referee

  • Ricky

    Professor Ricky

    Professor Ricky has been with De La Riva Tampa Bay since day one and is the epitome of a Jiu Jitsu practioner. His style can be defined as laid back and playful, yet very technical. He is always looking to sharpen his skills and pass his knowledge. Professor Ricky is currently a black belt under Professor Iury D.S. Debs. He is certified First Aid/CPR through the American Red Cross.

  • Phim (pr. Pim)

    Coach Phim (pr. Pim)

    Coach Phim hails from the beautiful Country of Thailand. She started her Jiu Jitsu training with Delariva BJJ in 2017 and has won gold medals in prestigious competitions including the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation World's, Open and Pans and several other local events throughout Florida. She regularly assists the kids and teaches the beginning students' introductory class. Coach Phim also maintains the school's Facebook page. She is currently a brown belt under Professor Joe. Coach Phim is Certified First Aid/CPR through the American Red Cross.

  • Sebastian

    Coach Sebastian

    Coach Sebastian runs the Wednesday and Friday morning classes. He is a Doctor of Physical Therapy by day and started his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey way back in 2008 in Wisconsin. Since that time he has explored other martial arts including Judo and Tae Kwon Do but realized Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as his true passion. His patient and methodical method of teaching is a great reflection of his personality. Coach Sebastian has competition experience and is a well rounded practitioner of the art. He is currently a brown belt under Professor Iury Debs.

  • Mike

    Coach Mike

    Coach Mike heads up the kid's class. He is a coach, Jiu Jitsu dad, and positive role model who's been with De La Riva BJJ Tampa Bay since the beginning. He can also be found helping newer students on the mat with his knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport using a combination of humor and a keen eye. All five of Coach Mike's amazing family train at De La Riva BJJ. Coach Mike Hill is currently a purple belt under Professor Iury D.S. Debs. Coach Mike is Certified First Aid/CPR through the American Red Cross.

  • Aaron Boyer

    Coach Aaron Boyer

    Aaron Boyer is a dedicated husband and father of three, serving as an assistant coach for kids' classes on Tuesday nights, while also holding the position of South East Regional Manager at a prominent national service company. Passionate about Jiu Jitsu, Aaron begun his training at De La Riva Tampa Bay in 2022, quickly achieving his blue belt under Professor Joe and becoming a frequent competitor. His competitive drive has led to numerous victories in various competitions, notably winning the NAGA white and blue belt absolute divisions.

  • Deegan David

    Coach Deegan David

    Coach Deegan started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Delariva BJJ back in 2018 in the kid’s ranking system. Since then, he has migrated to the adult ranking system. He’s a successful competitor and an asset to the Delariva kid’s classes. He teaches the Friday night kid’s class. Although Jiu Jitsu is his main passion, he is also an avid gamer, weight lifter and mountain biker. Deegan is also a 2nd Lieutenant, Flight Commander in the Hernando High School Air Force Junior ROTC. Deegan is certified by the American Heart Association in Basic Life Support and AED and holds the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu rank of blue belt under Professor Joe.


Guests are always welcomed at Delariva BJJ. There is a nominal mat fee of $20 per person, per session. All that’s required is you arrive sufficiently prepared, on time and with a good attitude, ready to have fun and meet some great people.

  • When you arrive, you’ll need to fill out a waiver form, legibly and in its entirety. Partially completed waivers will not be accepted.
  • We understand each school operates independently and have their own guidelines and rules for proper etiquette. We post ours (see below) to keep things simple.
  • When you step on our mats, there is an implied consent that you have read, understand, and will abide by the rules of our school.
  • We expect you will behave in a polite and professional manner. There are no warnings or strikes for violations of our rules and “I didn’t know” and “nobody told me” isn’t going to fly. We are civilized and expect you to act accordingly.
  1. Always be physically clean. It is paramount that good personal hygiene is practiced. Finger and toe nails should be trimmed and clean.
  2. Position your equipment bags, water containers, keys etc. in a way that reduces tripping hazards and presents a neat appearance for our guests.
  3. Be certain that your gi (uniform) is CLEAN. White gis should be clean and white. There are a number of articles and YouTube videos that can assist you in making your gi look and perform great. Avoid bleach as it weakens the cotton and will greatly reduce the service life. Wear the gi top lapel with the left over right.
  4. Please make every effort to arrive on time. If you arrive after class has started, be sure the Professor or his designee acknowledges you before you step onto the mat. Likewise, if you need to step off the mat during class, ask permission.
  5. NO FOUL LANGUAGE, off color jokes or conversation on or off the mats. No controversial topics of discussion. We strive to maintain a family friendly atmosphere.
  6. When the head instructor calls for the class’ attention, all activities and conversation stop immediately.
  7. At no time should any student ever correct or offer instruction to a senior student, ever. There is only one instructor during class. Unless directed to do so by the instructor, students should not be “teaching” or evaluating other students’ technique during class.
  8. Junior students never “call out” senior students. A senior student is defined as a student who has seniority by rank or time or both. In traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu it is disrespectful to ask someone of higher rank to train with you.
  9. Unless prior arrangements are made, cell phones are to be off or silenced during class. Emergency responders, police/fire personnel subject to call out are exempt.
  10. Everyone shall be treated with respect and decency. Any disparaging discussion about fellow students ie, performance “I tapped out so and so” is a no-no, inside or outside of the school. Students should not engage in negative discussion about other schools or martial arts.
  11. No bare chested or shirtless training. Males must wear a rash guard or t shirt when training (no gi).
  12. Students shall bow before stepping on or off the mats to show respect for the training space.
  13. Please, no coaching from parents. If you are not actively training, please stay off the mats.
  14. Respect the training space.
  15. No Shoes on the mats. Shoes MUST be worn in the bathroom.


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